GTA SP 2013

Brazilian cartoonist Luís Shiavon spent 4 years adapting the computer game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) to São Paulo. In this parodic version of the game, famous for urban violence, he included streets of São Paulo in 3 dimensions with grafitti by contemporary grafitti artists, people such as George W. Bush, agents and vehicles of the Polícia Militar, volkswagen beetles, and a sound track by Brazilian Dj´s. No touristic cliches of the city are used in the model, such as museums and famous avenues, which makes it more difficult to recognize São Paulo, but all the better to experience the dark and funny side of the metropolis.

The game can be purchased at the art gallery Choque Cultural, Pinheiros, São Paulo.

Read more: Folha de São Paulo (images with text in portuguese)

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