NDSM (2)

The NDSM wharf has functioned for over a decade as a cultural breeding ground, acomodating various artists in the old warehouses. Because of this cultural life the area attracted big companies from the media industry, such as the MTV headquarters.
[See www.projetosurbanos.com.br/2007/08/23/ndsm-mediawharf/ ]
The city council now feels the time is ripe to develop the area with high-rise structures for working, learning and living. The new wharf should become a high-density neighborhood with subway connections, event infrastructures and nightlife.
The artist collectives at the NDSM wharf did not appreciate the city┬┤s plans and intend to present an alternative project of development for the area, based on lower density residential occupation, maintaining the current artist breeding ground as the heart of the new neighborhood.

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