New looks

After using the elegant WordPress theme called ‘ArtsEmerging’ for three and a half years, designed by Nathalien Stern, it’s time for something else. The new ‘Ettison’ theme design, by Jason Sanzone, is contrasting and crispy and will hopefully last some time as well. Adaptations of the theme were made possible by Fiveblackcats.

The reader may also have noticed that the blog title is now both in English and Portuguese, and that most of the recent posts have been written in English. The reason for these changes is that the blog is not only intended for readers in Brazil and the English language offers the broadest possible audience and opportunities for people to write comments. Some posts will still be written in Portuguese though. As yet there are no plans for posting in the Dutch language, my mother tongue. From now on, the blog will also be available at

The old looks

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