3-dimensional Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island is a perfect example of a truly 3-dimensional city, in contrast with sprawled and spread-out cities. Not only is every square meter of urban soil used to its full potential, by building 40 storey buildings or higher. Public space in the central areas of Central, Wan Chai, Admiralty and Sheung Wan are dominated by multilevel solutions: flyovers, elevated pedestrian passageways, extensive tunnels linked to the metro system, public and semi-public escalators, lifts and staircases. Many open air staircases are being used for food markets. Passageways and tunnels are connected with office towers and shopping centers. Even nature is very pronounced in the third dimension. The urbanized area is surrounded by hills and mountains, covered with tropical forests.

Hong Kong Island, view of Kowloon

View from an office tower in Wan Chai

Expensive housing up-hill, at the edge of the nature reserve

Stair market in Sheung Wan

Offices and infrastructure in Admiralty