Radical cartography

Radical Cartography shows the world in many aspects through a list of interesting maps. How did nuclear reactors and railways spread around the globe? Where does our food come from? Which parts of Manhattan are under-developed, according to FAR building regulations? What would a world map look like with New York in its center? And how does our routine of thinking about cities in terms of borders and districts affect our perception of ethnic neighborhoods?

‘Bill Rankin is a historian and cartographer. His mapping activity is focused on reimagining everyday urban and territorial geographies by pushing techniques of statistical information design and rethinking everyday cartographic conventions.’


The founder of Radical Cartography, Bill Rankin, got a prize for his maps on ethnic groups in American cities. It turned out that representing groups of 25 people with dots gave a much more diverse result than the classic boundary-approach of urban districts: cities are segregated, but some areas are very mixed on a local level. Traditional maps fail to show this.