Rio 2016 – a boost for Brazilian infrastructure?

In Rio de Janeiro, the organization of the Olympic games, 2 years after hosting the soccer world cup, have called for federal strategies of investment in infrastructure and security. The general atmosphere is of enthusiasm, as the choice for Brazil affirms the new global role of the country and many positive economic side-effects are expected. Brazil is growing and is in need of infrastructure to keep up the pace.

Skeptics doubt the enormous investments, estimated at 10 billion Euros at the moment, because of corruption along  the way. How much of the amount would actually be invested where needed? Others point to risks in security, since militias and drug traffic control large parts of the city and are infiltrated in the local, state and federal governments. Shortly after the confirmation of the games, riots increased in Rio and besides the usual shooting even a helicopter of the military police was shot down at Morro dos Macacos. I tend to go along with Brazilian optimism, which continues to be an incredible driving force of the country. Also the city proved to be a good host during the Pan-American games in 2007.

The infrastructural works include new metro lines, for example to the international airport Tom Jobim and the recently built living areas in Barra da Tijuca, connections between metro, trains, busses and ferries, roads and parking lots close to the Maracan√£ stadium. In the city centre a new head police station will arise.

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