Dutch Design Week 2012

‘Space available here for a beautiful new part of Eindhoven’ – near Eindhoven Beukenlaan train station

Dutch Design Week is probably the best design event in the lowlands, and really locates Eindhoven in the center of the mental map once a year. Many interesting locations of the former Philips factories in the city participated in the DDW 2012, such as Strijp-S and De Witte Dame, as well as side locations such as Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven, Sectie C and Woensel West. A key part of the event is the exhibition of graduation projects from the Design Academy.

A few snapshots:

Cross-border soccer field – Graduation project about two quarreling municipalities that are required to merge

‘barricaded’ entrance to TAC / Zona Ventosa (the windy zone, and yes there was a lot of wind!)

The Perpetual Plastic Project – 3D printing with shredded coffee cups

Playing with Food – Educational board game of a pig farm, including corn production and acid rain



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