Kunstfort Genieloods competition – results

The main issue of the design competition was the reuse of a historic military engineers barrack, the “Genieloods”, on the premises of the fort.
The competition was won by a joint venture of the architects Office Jarrik Ouburg, Paulien Bremmer Architects and CC Studio. The Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen Foundation wishes to actually realise their winning design, “SILVER BULLET”. Two runner-up designs were awarded an honourable mention : “CROSS ROADS” by Forum Architecten & Planners and “UP” by Ateliereen Architecten.
After the award ceremony, the exhibition of the winning design and the remaining entries was opened. This exhibition will show in Kunstfort’s Genieloods until June 26, 2010.
A full-color tabloid was issued especially for the event, containing a detailed jury-report, and also mentioning other designs that were representative in some way. The Tabloid was edited by Reonald Westerdijk, Jaco Woltjer and Holger Nickisch. Melle Hammer was responsible for graphic design and production of the tabloid. Merten Nefs wrote an article for the tabloid as a visiting author, placing the Genieloods design competitition in the international context of cultural reuse of industrial heritage. The article is partly based on an interview with Kunstfort director Holger Nickisch.

Click here to download the tabloid (13 mB)

Click here to download the press release of the winning design (220 kB)

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